Infrastructure of Pashupati Laminators

Pashupati Laminators is located at Moradabad-Kashipur road near Kashipur (Uttarakhand) and is spread over 6 acres of land with a built-up area of 20,000 sq. mts. The plant consist of Raw material Godowns, Tape Plant, Lamination Plant, Circular Looms Division, Corona Treater, Finishing Line, Dispatch section, Quality Control, Electrical, Store, , Parking and Administrative block as main sections.

Sufficient number of transport aids like cars, LCVs, Tractors, Fork Lifts, Bull etc have been procured by the company for routine handling of materials and goods.

DG sets have been installed in the premises to provide 100% power backup to the plant for uninterrupted production and to ensure prompt deliveries.

The company boast of a well maintained Quality control division performing quality checks at all stages during the entire manufacturing process. A well planned parking space has been developed to accommodate large number of in/out bound vehicles.

S. No. Description Make Quantity Capacity
1 Tape Plant Lohia 4 2250 kg/hr
2 Tape Plant Lohia 3 1500 kg/hr
3 Lamination Plant   3 600 kg/hr
4 Lamination Plant JP 1 200 kg/hr
5 Circular Looms Lohia 199 LSL 6
6 Circular Looms Lohia 6 LSL 610
7 Circular Looms Lohia 9 LSL 620
8 Circular Looms Lohia 6  
9 Circular Looms Starlinger 28  
10 Circular Looms Lohia 72 Nova-6
11 Sewing Machine Gabbar Engg. 4
12 Printing Machine Navjeevan 1  
13 Filler Plant   4
14 Recycling Plant   1  
15 Bailing Presses Shrashti Engineering 1
16 Denier Meter KMI 4
17 Weighing Machine Essea Taroka 16
18 Tensile Tester KMI 5
19 Humidity Chamber Poly Plast Pvt. Ltd. 1
20 Muffle Furnace 1
21 Pulverizing Machine   1