The quality of yarn produced is of utmost importance as it should conform to the quality norms specified by the customer. It is equally important that this should be achieved without making any compromise in productivity, which otherwise affects the yarn costing. Quality Control is concerned with sampling, specifications and testing. We ensure that the necessary and relevant tests are carried out, and that all materials are dispatched only after satisfactory quality checks.

We understand that Quality Control is not confined to laboratory operations only, but is involved in all decisions, which may affect the quality of the product. Therefore we have an independent QC department which ensure that products are manufactured as per expectation and even a slight variation is taken care of. The Quality Control Department establish, validate and implement all quality control procedures, keep the reference samples of materials and products. We ensure that QC department monitor the stability of the products and participate in the investigation of complaints related to the quality of the product if any etc.

Research & Development

R & D is a segment which is very crucial for survival in current scenario. We duly understand this fact and have therefore allocate a fund for R & D activities in our unit. We continually strive to develop more robust products to create a niche in the segment.