WE INVITE YOU TO K 2022 - STALL NO. F-15 , HALL NO. 7.2 LOCATION- Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, Messeplatz, Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR PLASTICS AND RUBBER (19-26 OCTOBER 2022) Recycling Post Industrial and Post Consumer Wastes Chemically Recycled rPET Granules & Polyolefins Granules Production capacity currently stands at 21,600 tonnes per annum Recycling Post Industrial and Post Consumer Wastes Recycling Post Industrial and Post Consumer Wastes Recycling Post Industrial and Post Consumer Wastes Suitable Packaging Solutions PP/HDPE to Woven Fabrics, Sacks, rPP/PE Granules, Additives & Fillers Production capacity of 35,000 tonnes of Fabric and Sacks per annum Exceptional and Incomparable Advanced Technology Spinning Unit Production capacity currently stands at 18,046 Spindles Single longest and modern PET Bottle processing line PET Bottles to rPET Flakes Production capacity currently stands at 54,000 tonnes per annum Latest setup for future Packaging PP/HDPE based Woven Fabrics The setup will produce18,000 tonnes of Woven Fabrics for packaging per year Waste to Worth PCR Waste to rPET Flakes/rPSF/Specialty Fibers/rPET Chips Production capacity currently stands at 54,000 tonnes per annum

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Pashupati Group

We’re continually working to change the way people think about and engage with our products. 
Diversified product portfolio.
One stop shop for all plastic type EPR.
Closed loop solutions for various plastic types.
Moving towards Zero Waste Group of Companies.
Company grew 25X in investment/Turnover in last 12 years.

Key Features

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for businesses and manufacturers alike. We source our feedstock from over 240 aggregators from over 20 states in the country.
Shortly achieving processing capability of 200 thousand tonnes of feed stock per annum.
House to single largest PET Bottle washing line in India.
One of the largest rPET products producer in India.
Diversifying into Non-Woven/B2B/Chemically Recycled POY/DTY/FDY to offer multiple products.

Recycling Sustainability

Constantly innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

On a perpetual mission to turn waste into wealth & change the way you engage with our products & vision.

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2020 Numbers

Our waste management vertical provides expert advice and we work with waste pickers for efficient and effective pick-up and collection of waste.

1.03 Million cubic yards of landfill space saved per year.
3.72 Trillion BTU conserved per year.
0.51 Million barrels of crude oil saved per year.
Significant Green House Gas reduction.
Manufacturing Units
PET bottles recycled till date
Total waste handling capacity

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