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Pashupati Agencies

The partner agencies at Pashupati are great at networking and importing materials like high-grade yarns, pipes and tape from sellers from around the world. From various levels of fiber strengths to its composition, it is this fine mix of yarn variety that makes us stand out. The Pashupati agencies have been proudly catering to a lot of industries including the textile and household sectors. We work closely with natural fiber yarns, synthetic yarns and even in-house recycled fiber yarns. The fact that product manufacturers and sellers get access to so many types ready for their disposal, the creativity potentials across these industries witness an unthinkable boost. No wonder the Pashupati Group has garnered so much love and appreciation from its partner companies over the decades of its consistent service and growth.

Not just yarns, thanks to our large-scale production and distribution of products, our agencies also deal in Carbon tapes, GI-pipes and Black pipes across the country. The vast networking of our agents allows companies and even resellers the advantage of convenient purchasing and further dealings in their nearest cities. This is a setup that has grown to be quite extensive over the decades of quality assistance.

It doesn’t end there. We even take pride in bringing international quality raw materials to the Indian subcontinent and ensure that the yardstick is super fine to match up to. We make sure that our in-house manufacturing surpasses the quality that is being imported which further strengthens our vision of getting Pashupati a global standing. By the looks of it, our teams seem to be doing a fine job so far.