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GOENKA WELFARE SOCIETY : Gratitude has been the fundamental building block of the corporate belief. The products manufactured itself are a reflection of its societal values. Under the aegis of the Goenka Welfare Society, the group has undertaken extensive social activities with the singular agenda to leave the world in a better place than it found it. This is not in response to mandates, but a responsibility to execute. The belief is that the feelings are as important as the task itself!

Some of the activities include:

This division is under the direct supervision of the management, who wish to ensure a very strict compliance to the plans set out and an implementation approach that is very humane.

  • Tree plantation.
  • Building infrastructure in primary schools in the neighbourhood.
  • Helping education for the poor children.
  • Financial aid for critical medical cases.
  • Distribution of blankets to the poor during winters.
  • Developing public infrastructure in nearby areas.
  • Donations to charitable trusts and hospitals.
  • Administration and management of Vidyalayas.


At Pashupati we understand the concept of CER and direct all our future Expansions & Diversifications in line with CER. All new investments are being planned accordingly and in such fashion so as to demonstrate and setup an example of implementing CER for the Industry.

The proposed Investment in Renewable Energy Capacities, Waste Management Vertical and Recycling are aligned with our commitment of working for Generations to come.