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Packaging Product

Primary packaging basically consists of products that directly come in contact with the actual accessories, clothing, gadgets.

PP & HDPE bags for Packaging

Grade: PP Woven fabric

Properties Values
Base Polymer PP
GSM without Lamination (GSM) 36.5 to 108
GSM with Lamination (GSM) 46.25 to 93.5
Color White/Milky/Yellow
Type Tube & S/C

Grade: HD Woven fabric

Properties Values
Base Polymer G- HD
GSM without Lamination (GSM) 48-117
GSM with Lamination (GSM) 58-138
Color Milky/Natural/Yellow
Type Tube

Grade: PP Woven fabric

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Grade: HD Woven fabric

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FIBC bag

FIBC general Construction bag

Baffle Bag
Baffle Bag
Circular Bag
Circular Cross Corner Bag
FIBC Conductive Bag
Baffle Bag
FIBC Full Loop Bag
FIBC U Panel Bag

FIBC Bottom Construction bag

Circular Cross Corner Bag
Conical Bottom Style Bag
Conical Bottom With Spout Bag
Discharge Spout With Flap Bag
Discharge Spout With Iris Closer Bag
Discharge With Flap Discharge Spout Bag
Full Drop and Full Daiper Bottom

FIBC Lift Loops Bag


FIBC Top Style Construction bag

Top-Skirt-Loop& Loop Conical Filling Spout
Filling-Spout-withTie-Cord &Loop

Food Grade FIBC

We come with a business vintage of years and with astounding experience in the FIBC industry and also we are experienced in handling the necessities of Food Grade FIBC Solutions. With the objective of putting food-grade raw material into bags, food-grade bags are prepared. To successfully meet clients' specific needs, our well-assimilated food-grade FIBC facility ensures the creation of highly tailored solutions. Our bags are free from dust, germs, and pollutants as a 5% statistical quality control inspection after palletizing the bags. We ensure that vacuum cleaning and pallet shrink wrapping for all the food-grade bags. We also guarantee a defect percentage of 0.01%, i.e. 1 bag in 10,000 bags. With our expertise to make the highest quality food grade FIBC bags the effective hygiene policy followed by us, allow us to successfully fulfill the requirements of customers.

Pharma Grade FIBC Bags

Pharma Grade FIBC Bags are exclusively designed for pharmaceutical products so that the products are in very good condition and are free from unwanted contamination. Relevant authorities approve the raw materials and fabrics used in the production of Pharma Grade Bags. We ensure that metal detection and cleaning process is applied, to prevent the bags from dust, germs and pollutants. Individual inspection of the bags on the light table is always performed. We make sure that loose threads and tapes are prevented.

FIBC Liner

FIBC Liner


PE Liner

A Polyethylene (PE) container liner is a packaging material used to create a barrier between the container carrying products to be shipped. These liners are effective for transporting materials like minerals, powders, seeds, and food. As the name suggests the material used to make these liners is polyethylene. They are designed from this material based on the requirements it facilitates any ISO standard container to be shipped in bulk, quickly and efficiently. We offer customized design dry bulk container liners based on the needs of the customer for example- single layer, double layer, and triple layer for food hazardous and non-hazardous in the form of dry, semi-wet, and slurry. Both standard and custom container liners to fit a typical shipping container size can be produced for your specific requirement. If your business uses a customized shipping method, specialized custom liners to fit your shipping containers can be worked out. These liners are made from virgin materials, ensuring that your goods do not come in contact with a material that they ideally shouldn't gel with.

PP & HDPE bags for packaging


Properties Values
Sample Laminated PP Bag
Bag Size 22"x35” (560x890mm)
Bag Weight 120 gm
Weight per Meter 129 gm
GSM 115.35 gm per meter square
Grammage 5.86 gm
Warp Mesh 10 (40 Tape per 4 inch)
Weft Mesh 10 (40 Tape per 4 inch)


Properties Values
Material PP
Bag Size 42" x 46" (WL)
Bag Weight 164 gm
GSM 61 gm/ Mtr Sq
Grammage 3.10 gm


Properties Values
Material PP
GSM 75+16+40
Colour Paper BOPP
Grimace 6.50 gm


Properties Values
Material PP
Bag Size 49 x 75 cm
Bag Weight 80.0 gm
Value Size 12 x 20 cm
GSM 86 gm/m 2
Mesh 10 x 10


Properties Values
Material HDPE + UV
Bag Size 22.5" x 39.37"
Bag Weight 135 gm
GSM 105 gm/m 2
Mesh 12 x 12


Properties Values
Material HDPE + UV
Bag Size 23" x 35.5"
Bag Weight 165.0 gm
Mesh 12 x 12
GSM 107 gm/m 2
Liner Size 24.5" x 38.20"
Liner Weight 36.0gm
Liner GSM 30 gm/m 2


Properties Values
Material PP
Bag Size 24" x 36"
Bag Weight 125.0 gm
Fabric GSM 83 gm/m 2
Mesh 10 x 10
Lamination GSM 20 gm/m 2


Properties Values
Material PP
Bag Size (LxWxH) 46" x 27" x 24"
Box Bag Weight Upper & Lower 700 gm
Fabric GSM 85 gm/m 2
Mesh 9.5 x 9.5
Lamination GSM 15 gm/m 2
Overall GSM 100 gm/m 2