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EPR and Waste Management Services

General Responsibility of Producers
EPR Policy
EPR = Extension in the Responsibility of Producers
EPR: A Regulation in India's Plastic Waste Management.

Before 2016, producers primarily focused on the creation, sale, and distribution of their products and services. However, in light of ongoing issues with mismanagement of end-of-life products, the Indian Government stepped in. They introduced the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy under the Plastic Waste Management framework. This new policy obligates producers and service providers to manage the end-of-life cycle of the plastic waste generated by their products, ensuring a more sustainable and responsible approach.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that holds producers financially and/or physically responsible for the entire lifecycle of their products, including the post-consumer phase, in order to promote sustainable waste management.

Obligations and Compliance Requirements under EPR
Under the EPR framework the obligated entities are mandated to fulfill the following responsibilities:
Fulfilling EPR Obligations
EPR Target: Ensuring scientific management of plastic waste generated
Minimum Recycling of plastic waste generated
Reuse of post-consumer plastic waste in the supply chain
Use of Recycled Content in packaging
Comply with Annual Compliance and Reporting Requirements
It includes to maintain and submit annual records, capturing:
  • Purchases: Documentation of acquired plastic packaging.
  • Consumption: Records of plastic used in operations.
  • Production: Volumes of produced plastic packaging.
  • Sales: Details of distributed or sold packaging.
  • Annual returns must be filed to demonstrate compliance, ensuring industry transparency and accountability.
Navigating EPR Obligations: Pashupati's Solutions for PIBO
From meeting recycling targets to stringent reporting and compliance, the journey is multi-faceted. That's where Pashupati Group steps in. We offer a suite of specialized services designed to ease your compliance journey
EPR Registration
  • Assess EPR applicability & set targets
  • Document compilation help
  • Online registration guidance
EPR Target Fulfillment
  • EPR Recycling Credit
  • EPR Credit for Use of
  • Recycled Content
  • Transparent reporting
EPR Compliance
  • Monitor EPR obligations
  • Ensure timely submissions
  • Prevent non-compliance penalties
General Consulting
  • Updates on EPR changes
  • Regulatory navigation tips
  • Industry issue advocacy
Our waste collection mechanism, fortified by a state-of-the-art 360-degree digital traceability system, stands as a hallmark of industry compliance and EPR Credit generation.
Waste Collection Across Diverse Terrains, Enabled by the Waste Circularity Mobile App
Pashupati Group's waste collection service goes beyond the conventional. Powered by our Waste Circularity Mobile App, we're redefining the landscape of waste management in India.
Unmatched Reach

We specialize in collecting waste from challenging terrains, including mountains and coastal areas, in addition to serving urban and rural settings. This sets us apart in our commitment to comprehensive waste management

Strategic Partnerships

With collaborations across 10+ ULBs, NGOs, and institutions, and a workforce of 400+ waste aggregators, our network is both extensive and skilled.

Tailored Strategies

We offer specialized collection facilities and methods for different terrains and needs, backed by training programs for our Safai Sathis.

Measurable Impact

Collecting 12 million PET and 2 million Polyolefin bottles daily, we're positively impacting over 1,000 Safai Sathis and contributing to a national circular economy.

By choosing Pashupati Group, you're opting for a waste management solution that is efficient,strategic, and impactful.

360° Traceability — Capturing Every Detail, Ensuring Transparency
In-House Traceability Software
Generation of Immutable & Linked Transaction Records
"Real-Time Data flow from Recycling Process
Electronic Weighing System
Sensors for Material Identification
PH Sensors
Energy Meters
Barcode Scanners
CCTV Cameras
Pashupati's Waste Circularity Mobile App
"Real-Time Data flow of supply

Our journey toward complete traceability begins with our Waste Circularity Mobile App. This tool serves as a real-time bridge between suppliers and our facility, allowing the logging of key details such as waste type, weight, workforce data, and collection locations. This information is directly fed into our In-House Traceability Software, the backbone of our 360° Traceability system.

Once data enters our Traceability Software, it transforms into actionable insights. As waste arrives at our facility, advanced tech tools instantly activate, offering real-time tracking through each stage of the recycling process, from intake to product sale.

The result is a unified, secure transaction record that is vital for maintaining transparency, efficiency, and accountability. With 360° Traceability, we provide all stakeholders transparent, reliable information, enhancing trust in our waste management processes.