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Careers at Pashupati

Since its inception, Pashupati Group continues to be a dynamic and fast-growing entity that has constantly striven to stay ahead through a combination of qualities like excellence, innovation and technology. Today Pashupati is a family of strong Pashupati-an spread across different group companies and, having a proven track record and professional skills, woven together with a common culture of trust and care.

At Pashupati, we welcome like-minded professionals to work with us. We look for lateral thinkers who can add value to our business and processes; have an excellent teamwork ethic, and are driven to take our organization and their careers to new heights. One who is technology driven and open to innovation and ideas. 
Offering our employees, a stimulating and challenging work environment, we offer a whole spectrum of career prospects across a variety of functions. At Pashupati, you will work alongside imaginative and brilliant minds, and will always be inspired. Join us to achieve the goals you’ve always set out for yourself, and we promise to make the journey along the way exciting, joyous and satisfying.

Creating an environment of safety and trust

Pashupati Group’s HR philosophy encompasses an inclusive approach to becoming an industry-leading employer across all businesses. The core values of the organization nurture innovation, creativity and diversity. The idea is to create a high-performance culture that recognizes and rewards performers in a fair and equitable manner. Pashupati Group is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment and has put in place world-class standards in safety, environment and sustainability. Focus on training and development is a continuous process here.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Support Nation Building

Support Nation Building

  • Being part of one of the world's fastest growing companies
  • Largest Natural Resources player, helping being country self reliant / Make in India
  • Fulfilling aspirations
Leadership From Within

Leadership From Within

  • Significant roles & responsibilities
  • CXOs as Anchors for career growth & success
  • Decision-making roles, empowerment & visibility to young minds
  • Digital and Technology Projects; Entrepreneurial & Innovative culture
Differentiated Rewards & Growth

Rewards & Growth

  • Fast-track Growth through ACTUP Programs
  • Market Competitive Rewards – monetary/non-monetary
  • Rewards are differentiated based on performance
  • Stock Options for all hires; Long-term Incentive schemes for HI-PO Talent
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Diverse Workforce – Robust pedigree including a mix of gender, discipline, specialization
  • Pay parity & Equity
  • Fair & equal opportunity
  • Valuing & rewarding ideas & suggestions
Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life

  • Care & Well-Being
  • Robust support system for Employees, Families & Stakeholders
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure & Recreational facilities
  • Flexibility & Manager’s engagement