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Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Key Management

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning 29 years. His expertise encompasses International Expansion, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fund Administration, Investor Relations, and more. He holds degrees in Commerce and an MBA in Finance. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in the success of prominent organizations like Bhavishya Foods & Beverage Pvt Ltd, Skywater India Private Ltd, and AMR India Ltd, where his strategic insights as Finance Director have left an enduring impact.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh General Manager

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is a seasoned professional in the polyester industry with decades of extensive experience. He holds a B.Tech in Textile from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, and has held various significant roles, including Deputy General Manager and Plant Manager. Currently, he serves as General Manager at Kundana Technotex Pvt Ltd (a unit of Pashupati Group) in Hyderabad.

Kundana Techno Tex

Company Statistics

Kundana Techno Tex is our new manufacturing facility setup in Hyderabad, Telangana. The unit has been eyed with opportunities in terms of geographical advantages, ease of raw materials and availability of manpower. The company has been set up to produce high quality PET flakes by recycling another 7 million PET bottles per day, thus making the total recycling capacity of group as 11.5 million PET bottles per day and saving the environment from a notable amount of land filling of plastics waste.

54000 TPY

rPET Flakes

45 Acres

Sprawling manufacturing facility

Kundana Techno Tex
Kundana Techno Tex About

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

About Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

The company’s production capacity currently stands at 54,000 tonnes per annum. We take pride in being a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility.

The company is proud to be home to India’s first single, longest and biggest PET wash line with an intake capacity of 6.5 tonnes/hour. It has a 5-stage bottle sorter to sort PET and non-PET, flakes sorter for separating coloured and natural flakes, and Eddy current separator to separate ferrous / non-ferrous materials with auto-weighing systems at all stages to monitor online performance.

Kundana Techno Tex Product

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Our Product

Kundana Techno Tex Infrastructures

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Infrastructure Details

The company is spread over 45 acres of land. The plant consists of raw material godowns, Packaging and utility in plant of sorter and bottle/flakes, boiler section, dispatch section, quality control department, electrical department, store section, parking and administrative block as main sections. We have also provided accommodation facility for workers.

We have ETP and R.O. plant for 100% recycling of processed water to maintain a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Sufficient number of transport aids like cars, LCVs, tractors, fork lifts, bulls etc. have been procured by the company for routine handling of materials and goods. We have workshop for developing in house spares to attend breakdown.

Kundana Techno Tex Pvt. Ltd.

Location Survey No. 190, Village – Chandanvelly, Mandal – Shabad, Rangareddi – 509217, Telangana (India)

Email [email protected]

Mobile +91-9634097028

For any Grievance Redressal

Email [email protected]

Mobile +91-9014202453