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Pashupati Laminators Pvt. Ltd.

Key Management

Mr. Chirag Agarwal

Mr. Chirag Agarwal Executive Director

Mr. Chirag Agrawal adeptly manages the manufacturing and sales facets of our packaging product division. With a background in commerce and 12 years of seasoned management expertise, he infuses dynamic momentum into the group's vision and mission. His proactive stance and diligent efforts unequivocally enrich our organization, positioning his contributions as invaluable assets.

Mr. Vijay Singh

Mr. Vijay Singh Vice President

Mr. Vijay Singh, an indispensable member, has played a pivotal role in advancing our woven fabric manufacturing unit's growth. With over 33 years of industrial experience and a background as a graduate and textile technologist, he has held pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like Hill Packaging. Presently, Mr. Singh expertly oversees both production and administration for the unit, reflecting his unwavering commitment to excellence.
He is leading the PP woven fabric units and now connected with the green field project companies.

Mr. Sanjay K. Singh

Mr. Sanjay K. Singh General Manager

Mr. Sanjay Singh, holding a degree in mechanical engineering, has amassed a commendable 29-year trajectory within the industry. His distinguished career has encompassed pivotal managerial positions at prominent entities including Quality Packing(Birla Group), and Bang Poly Pack. Currently a pivotal asset within the Pashupati Group, Mr. Singh lends his considerable expertise to the role of overseeing production at the woven fabric manufacturing unit.

Mr. Jitendra K. Gupta

Mr. Jitendra K. Gupta Deputy General Manager

Mr. Jitendra Gupta assumes the integral role of overseeing financial matters. With a postgraduate degree in commerce, he boasts an extensive 25-year tenure in the finance sector. His professional trajectory encompasses impactful stints at renowned organizations like LML and Rana Group. Mr. Gupta spearheads the financial activities of the woven fabric unit, effectively managing its fiscal operations.

Pashupati Laminators

Company Statistics

Established in 2008, Pashupati Laminators is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of polypropylene and HDPE woven fabrics, bags and tarpaulin.

35,000 TPY

Current Production Capacity

Pashupati Laminators
Pashupati Laminators

Pashupati Laminators

About Pashupati Laminators Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2008, Pashupati Laminators is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of polypropylene and HDPE woven fabrics, bags and tarpaulin. The company was established in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India, with production capacity of 14,000 tonnes of fabric and sacks per annum, in contrast to today’s production capacity of 35,000 tonnes per annum. We aim to further increase our capacity by installing additional tapeline and looms. Pashupati Laminators is producing ISI marked bags in India, and is planning to diversify into geotextiles manufacturing.

Pashupati Laminators

Pashupati Laminators

Infrastructure Details

The infrastructure of the company is spread across 6 acres of land with the main sections being godowns, loom section, tape section, lamination section, quality control department and more. With over 7 extrusion lines, 320 circular looms, 4 lamination lines, stitching, printing, chilling units and more. The company has an expansive infrastructure to meet the needs of the industry effortlessly.

Pashupati Laminators Pvt. Ltd.

7th Milestone, Village – Hariyawala, Moradabad-Kashipur Road, Kashipur-244713, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand (India)

Email [email protected]

Mobile +91-9634097028