With a legacy of over 4 decades, the prestigious Pashupati Group has earned all the reasons to gain your trust as a reliable and responsible sustainability partner.

5 of the reasons that must be considered before making the final decision are:

1. Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Policy

The ETP and R.O. plants work towards 100% recycling of processed water to strictly maintain a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) across the entire Group. This is a very conscious approach that speaks volumes about how the business takes its footprints very responsibly. With an intention to share visions, the Group takes pride in extending such conscious policies with its partner companies.

2. International Quality

From Bottles to Yarn, Technical Textile & Master batches, Granules to fabric & sacks, latest machineries have been procured to ensure the best quality outcome for every product manufactured under the Pashupati name. Globally advanced quality control equipment have been imported and installed as a part of the larger setup to offer unmatched product quality at every stage of the production process. With ZLD, waste management and 100% assurety to quality, the Group proves its everlasting commitment towards customers and the environment.

3. Customized Manufacturing Capabilities

The Group takes pride in dedicating respective divisions to in-house research, manufacture, and development of an extensive product list. This gives the business an edge to cater to all kinds of sustainable manufacturing demands of partner companies. Everything from rPSF (solid, hollow and dyed fiber), Specialty Fibers like Anti-Bacterial, Fire Retardant, Hydrophilic, Reinforcement, Easy Dyeable, Easy Dyeable Cationic (Acrylic Feel), Low Melt, Biodegradable, Nylon 66/6, PP fibers, Woven fabrics and so much more comes in unthinkable variety of colors and quality.

4. Large-scale Production

We currently recycled 11.5 Million PET Bottles per day & around 330 Tons of PET waste per day, that gives the Pashupati Group an even higher edge is its mass production. Our next milestone to achieve 2,00,000 Tons of feed processing capacity by 2021 and maintains all norms with such high quality of processing.

5. Social Responsibility

Last but not the least, when a company comes forward to partner with the Pashupati Group, an unsaid advantage that tags along is of the collective environmental benefit. The more is the collection of waste from across the country and across industries, to match the increased demand of the clients, the more benefits are the business able to pass on to the environment.

Picking the Pashupati Group as your sustainability partner would directly mean contributing in conservation of 3.72 Trillion (BTU) heat energy per year, 0.51 Million Crude Oil Consumption, saving 1.03 Million (Cubic Yard) of plastic landfill space, and overall greenhouse gas reduction. That would be a fair deal, wouldn’t it?