With an increase in non-biodegradable production in manufacturing companies, both the governmental or industrial responsibility rises by several folds. Not just responsibility, the cost to dispose of the ultimate waste increases as well. This in return leads to processes like landfills that end up harming the environment irrevocably. The Pashupati Group can support its partners to fulfill their EPR compliance & contribute towards the environment.

The Pashupati Group comes with a very convenient approach to help manufacturers reach out to us with their waste management liabilities imposed by the government and their own ethical nature policies. If you are a similar manufacturing company, you are more than welcome to partner with us. Allow us to manage your large scale wastes in the most productive ways possible. We provide you with clear documents and certificates required for further processes under the EPR compliance.

With economic, environmental, and social motivations backing the entire workings of all the branch companies, each product produced upholds a larger sustainable approach. With our out of the box designs and products made available to you, we make sure that recycling is the binding spine that binds your company, our visions, and the larger environment together. We use waste as our resource and take the responsibility of treating that waste on ourselves.

So, how else can we help you?

If we manage to collaborate, we can help you recycle your waste. Not just that, our recycled alternatives can replace your present raw materials that can further eliminate the risk of any future harm to the environment. Together we can surely see a future that has a community of consumers that are more aware of their choices.

With your contribution to this larger chain, we are sure of a future at your company that is more conscious of its choices, aware of its environmental footprint, and sees sustainability as its topmost vision.