Over its journey of 20 years, the Pashupati Group has traced a celebratory evolution to become a very prominent recycler of India. In just 12 years of branching out, the increase in the processing capacity of 16,700 MTPA to 1,00,000 MTPA and the current waste handling capacity of 66,200 TPY marks the unthinkable 25-fold growth of the company. With the ultimate motto of seeing waste as wealth, the vision has come a long way over the decades.

With a strict ZLD Policy, this business recycles degraded and burned waste, Post Consumer and Post Industrial waste, by latest means of chemical recycling, to produce useful PET products. The Group under Pashupati Polytex produces high-end PSF or ‘Green Fiber’ from PET recycling. A huge PET/non-PET recycling capacity across North and South India has been successfully established over the years. All these steps save 1.03 Million cubic yards of space from plastic land filling.

With continued efforts and innovations in the field of recycling, the Pashupati Group proudly has the largest plastic waste processing intake capacity in India. A robust process following the extensive company vision has managed to provide the recycled bottle flakes and rPSF across industries in largest possible scales. Proud ongoing contributions have been made in the clothing, home furnishing, upholstery and even textile industry alike to establish the Pashupati vision as a leading vision across the country.

Another notable contribution in earning the position of a reputed industry leader is the achievement of owning India’s first, single, longest and biggest PET wash line with an intake capacity of 6.5 tones per hour. Even today the prestigious Pashupati Group continues to constantly reinvent and challenge its own limits. Not only does it aim to maintain its celebrated leadership in the recycling industry across India but is more than willing and ready to compete on a global level.