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India Circular Economy Forum (ICEF) 2022

  • Date

    2-3 June 2022

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Event Description

Pashupati Group is honoured to be a support partner at India Circular Economy Forum (ICEF2022). Pashupati group lives by the motto of taking care of people and environment. We distinctly contribute to Circular Economy, positively influencing our ecosystem while addressing very critical, environmental issues that the world faces today. Nitin Agarwal shared his thoughts on "Plastics and packaging- A circular approach" on 2nd June at India Habitat Centre.

It was pleasure to share the thoughts in Panel discussions on "Plastic and Packaging-A Circular Approach" and " Marine Litter-How to save water bodies?" on 2 day event "India Circular Economy Forum 2022" at India Habitat centre, New Delhi on 2-3 June.