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Key Management

Today Pashupati is a group of strong workforce and continuously growing. It’s a matter of pride that a large number of our key personnel are with us since the inception of the group and a large number of people started their career with us. There are many cases of 2nd generations working with us. We have a strong senior management team that inspires and guide us. This team has an important role in motivating & guiding the entire workforce and has crucial role in the growth of the group.

Mr. Markandey Shukla

Mr. Markandey Shukla Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pashupati Group

Mr. Markandey Shukla is a distinguished professional with a remarkable track record, commanding a pivotal position in the fields of Administration, Supply Chain Management, and the exclusive development of the Polyester Recycling Business. He holds a graduate degree in Science, which is complemented by an MBA in Marketing, underscoring his comprehensive educational foundation. With an impressive 43-year trajectory within the industry, Mr. Shukla's extensive experience is a testament to his expertise and dedication.

Mr. Chirag Agarwal

Mr. Chirag Agarwal Executive Director

Mr. Chirag Agrawal adeptly manages the manufacturing and sales facets of our packaging product division. With a background in commerce and 12 years of seasoned management expertise, he infuses dynamic momentum into the group's vision and mission. His proactive stance and diligent efforts unequivocally enrich our organization, positioning his contributions as invaluable assets.

Mr. Pankaj Tekriwal

Mr. Pankaj Tekriwal Executive Director

Mr. Pankaj Tekriwal serves as an exemplary executive responsible for the strategic management of RPSF's manufacturing and sales divisions. Armed with a postgraduate degree in commerce and backed by 25 years of comprehensive management acumen, he has been an indispensable asset since the group's inception in 2008. His skillful administration of the unit stands as a testament to his indispensable role in steering our organization.

Mr. O.P. Garg

Mr. OP Garg Sr. Vice President

Mr. OP Garg is a distinguished professional with an B.SC and MBA, boasting an impressive 34-year career in textile marketing. He has left his mark at renowned companies like Reliance Spinning Mills Nepal, Ritspin Synthetics, Hind Syntex, and Tara Exports. Mr. Garg's exceptional sales and marketing prowess has consistently driven growth and triumph for these organizations. Presently, he leads the group's sales and marketing efforts, underscoring his unwavering commitment to excellence in these realms.

Mr. Vijay Singh

Mr. Vijay Singh Vice President

Mr. Vijay Singh, an indispensable member, has played a pivotal role in advancing our woven fabric manufacturing unit's growth. With over 33 years of industrial experience and a background as a graduate and textile technologist, he has held pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like Hill Packaging. Presently, Mr. Singh expertly oversees both production and administration for the unit, reflecting his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Mr. Santosh Singh

Mr. Santosh Singh General Manager

Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh holds a pivotal operational role within the Polytex unit of Pashupati Group. With a B.Sc. degree and a diploma in plastic processing and testing from CIPET, he draws from 19 years of valuable industrial experience. Having served in diverse capacities previously, he undertakes a central responsibility in overseeing the production operations of the rPSF unit, exemplifying his unwavering commitment to excellence and adept managerial skills.

Mr. Nitin Agarwal

Mr. Nitin Agarwal Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Nitin Agarwal, a pivotal figure within the group, possesses a distinctive blend of techno-commercial acumen. Holding postgraduate degrees in marketing and international business, alongside a graduate qualification in electronics engineering, his 18-year journey encompasses diverse domains such as web development, servicing, sales, marketing, administration, manufacturing, and branding across India. A driving force for best practices and innovation, he champions a professional work culture while overseeing the manufacturing and administration of the rPET granules manufacturing unit with unwavering dedication.

Mr. Sanjay K. Singh

Mr. Sanjay K. Singh General Manager

Mr. Sanjay Singh, holding a degree in mechanical engineering, has amassed a commendable 29-year trajectory within the industry. His distinguished career has encompassed pivotal managerial positions at prominent entities including Quality Packing(Birla Group), and Bang Poly Pack. Currently a pivotal asset within the Pashupati Group, Mr. Singh lends his considerable expertise to the role of overseeing production at the woven fabric manufacturing unit.

Mr. Jitendra K. Gupta

Mr. Jitendra K. Gupta Deputy General Manager

Mr. Jitendra Gupta assumes the integral role of overseeing financial matters. With a postgraduate degree in commerce, he boasts an extensive 25-year tenure in the finance sector. His professional trajectory encompasses impactful stints at renowned organizations like LML and Rana Group. Mr. Gupta spearheads the financial activities of the woven fabric unit, effectively managing its fiscal operations.

Mr. Vimal Rastogi

Mr. Vimal Rastogi (DGM-EHS & Sustainability)

Mr. Vimal Rastogi is an experienced EHS-Sustainability Professional with 24 years of expertise. His knowledge spans Administration, CSR, Statutory Compliance, Industrial Safety, Waste Management & Zero Liquid Discharge. He holds Master's degrees in Ecology & Environment and Sociology, along with a diploma in Industrial Safety. Mr. Vimal has worked with prestigious organizations like Hero Motors, Jaquar & Company and Jubilant Life Science. Joining as Group Head of EHS & Sustainability, he aims to promote sustainable practices and lead the organization to success in EHS and Sustainability.

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. S. Sudhakara Rao is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning 29 years. His expertise encompasses International Expansion, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fund Administration, Investor Relations, and more. He holds degrees in Commerce and an MBA in Finance. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in the success of prominent organizations like Bhavishya Foods & Beverage Pvt Ltd, Skywater India Private Ltd, and AMR India Ltd, where his strategic insights as Finance Director have left an enduring impact.

Mr. Suniel Dhhandhania

Mr. Suniel Dhhandhania Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Suniel Dhhandhania is an esteemed professional boasting a remarkable career spanning over 33 years. His multidisciplinary expertise encompasses Taxation, Legal matters, Finance, Secretarial practices, Budgeting, and Administration. He holds distinguished credentials as a Chartered Accountant.Noteworthy among his achievements is his pivotal role in propelling the success of reputable organizations such as Golden Tobacco Ltd and Jayshree Textiles. Serving as an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, his strategic perspicacity has imparted a lasting imprint on these entities, underscoring his profound influence on their trajectories.