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Quality Objectives

Quality objectives

Quality objectives have been formulated at every section level. These objectives are made measurable and in line with quality policy requirements. The main objective of the organization as a whole is to continually improve the quality of its products in order to increase the customer satisfaction level.
R & D
R & D
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are committed:

To completely satisfy our customer by supplying products as per their requirements, national & international standards
For continual improvement of our Management Systems and their processes by setting objectives and targets and their regular monitoring
To comply with the relevant environmental laws prevailing in the State/Country to prevent pollution.
To provide healthy environment by continually improving the natural environment through setting and achieving environmental objectives & targets.
To provide a safe work environment.
To reduce, control or eliminate, as applicable, all kinds of pollution through regular monitoring and recycling of various kind of wastes (as applicable).
Quality Procedure

Quality Procedure & System

At Pashupati we are committed to adhere to stringent quality procedures be it any segment, involved directly or indirectly into the manufacturing process. We have developed sufficient Quality check testing facilities in all our group companies operating as per prescribed standards.

Raw Material: All kind of incoming raw materials whether Imported or domestic undergoes sample testing at our indigenous Quality Control lab. Material(s) if found not in line with our prescribed quality standards are returned back to the supplier.

Raw Material
Store Purchase

Colours/Chemicals: All kind of colours and chemicals undergo quality check procedures.

Fuels: All variety of power and boiler fuels undergoes quality testing procedures.


Store Purchase: All the items purchased through purchase department and received at store of the company undergoes quality testing from concerned department (technical) and quality control lab (sample testing) before being added to company stock.

We ensure that all the materials responsible for manufacturing process are passed through quality checks to maintain prescribed quality standards at every functional level.