For the group, it’s all about care at every step – products and processes alike and delivering results that every socially responsible organization should do. We are extremely proud that at every step, we ensure that we leave the environment in a better state than what we find it and, in no way what-so-ever, cause any harm or damage, well comprehending its importance for a meaningful existence. Standing tall, the group successfully processes all the waste it generates through mechanical or chemical recycling. The products are meticulously crafted to meet the customer specific requirements, keeping cognisance of its environmental impact. Some of the key activities of the group include utilizing post-consumer waste to make bottle flakes and rPSF that is supplied to home furnishing, clothing, film making, upholstery, cushioning and technical textile industries. Further, the group has been successful in diverting burnt, degraded and discarded post-industrial and post-consumer PET waste from dumping sites and to our partial chemical recycling and glycolysis plant to make rPET chips that are widely used in the textile industry. Also manufactured are recycled coloured master batches using rPET chips as well as textile Industry applications.

A robust and efficient network of waste collections centres across many cities in India only allow us to offer the Extended Producer Responsibility compliance to various FMCG brands, as mandated; a distinguished approach being the focus on traceability.

Taking responsibilities further, all the 8 manufacturing facilities of the group maintain a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and stack control as per norms; proudly marching towards its objective of converting waste to wealth by offering sustainable and closed-loop solutions.








Biodiversity Policy
Crisis Management Policy
Energy and Carbon Policy
Environmental Policy

Our Sustainable Living Plan

The PASHUPATI GROUP Sustainable Living Plan sets out to decouple our growth from our environmental footprint, while increasing our positive social impact.

Our Plan has three big goals to achieve, underpinned by nine commitments and targets spanning our social, environmental and economic performance across the value chain. We will continue to work with others to focus on those areas where we can drive the biggest change and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Besides recycling degraded and discarded Post Industrial & Post Consumer waste, we collect all kind of waste generated in our processes and process these wastes through Mechanical/Chemical recycling and make useful end products for own/client’s consumption and thus closing the loop as shown in next slide.

While manufacturing all above the Group contribute to circular economy by avoiding land filling of PET Bottles & PET waste, addressing a very critical environment issue before India & Globe. All manufacturing units adhere to all environmental norms including Stack control, ZLD and safe disposal of wastes. Our mission is to continually rise to provide diversified textile solutions with concern for “Environment” & “Human Being”.


Through our own as well as associated waste collection centers, we collect, segregate and mechanically recycle post-consumer & post-industrial PET waste to make bottle flakes (An rPET material in primary form) & then r-PSF with current capacity at 50,000 Tons annually which will be doubled by end of 2020. Our focus is on full Traceability (from origin to finished product), with special consideration of Sustainability aspect, of our operations. The r-PSF so made is supplied to Home furnishing, Clothing, Film Making, Upholstery, Cushioning and Technical Textile industries. We have recently diversified into specialty fibers like Cement, Anti-Bacterial, PP Fiber, Fire Retardant, Acrylic Feel & Anti Strain fibers. We are also able to provide EPR(Extended Producer Responsibility) compliance support to major FMCG brands.

We divert the burnt/degraded and discarded postindustrial & post-consumer waste from dumping sites to our Partial Chemical Recycling, Glycolysis Plant to make rPET Granules which is also used in all textile applications. Further we manufacture Recycled Colored Master Batches also from these chips to provide circular solutions, to the plastic industry.

The Group also manufactures Textile yarns (Polyester & Blended), Woven fabrics, Recycled PP/PE Granules, PE Master Batches & Calcium Fillers for different packaging applications. Our marketing & sales office, is located at the capital city of New Delhi.

The group has many projects in Real Estate & Hospitality sector as well.