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Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually rise to provide diversified textile & packaging solutions and establish ourselves as Multi-Dimensional organization with concern for “Environment” & “Human Being” and to convert “Waste into Wealth” and strive to achieve continual milestones to offer Sustainable and Closed loop solutions to the world.

Vision & Values

Our Vision

“At Pashupati our vision is to become a Global player with commitment to recycle waste PET bottles and produce affordable quality textile products under one umbrella with concerns for human resource, society and environment.”

Vision & Values


With decades of hard work, innovation, and consistency, the Pashupati Group has emerged as a collective leader across multiple sectors. From the manufacturing of diverse personal and commercial goods to recycling at an unthinkably high scale, it is the achievements and recognition earned over the years that establishes our celebrated leadership.

Ethics & Integrity

Our teams across the Pashupati Group have made sure to infuse ethics in every step of this collective organization. From the choosing of raw material to the delivery of the final product our vision is imbedded, we as a larger team make sure to abide by ethical practices across all possible roles that make us what we are.

Moral grounds shape up the foundation of our higher visions as a group of companies. We work consistently towards abiding by the ideals that never let our quality, honor, and promise of the highest quality to our esteemed customers ever get compromised.  We stand by Ethics and Integrity.

Vision & Values
Vision & Values

Teamwork & Innovation

Coordination among the various sectors that the Pashupati Group deals on, unity to unit and among the departments within each company is what makes us stronger as a huge team overlooking our success as a team.

From even the smallest role in the company to the director’s desk, a partnership of respect and integrity is what makes us the best.

The brilliant minds of our teams across the Group have been tirelessly working on newer technologies and product development to bring to your households and businesses the most innovative product alternatives that the country has ever used. Innovation gives us immense pride and confidence in what we do, and we hope it gives you the same in us too.

Responsibility & Support

From assuring you an unmatched level of quality and consistency to serving you exactly that while constantly innovating to do even better is the responsibility that the Pashupati Group assumes by itself. While we are responsible for all the goods and even the slightest bad, if any, we even wish to take responsibility for all the happiness that we provide you with on our way to collective glory.

It is your support as aware consumers that we need on this journey to change the environment, recycling, and manufacturing scenes of this country and the world.

We want your support to question us on every step. Once you are completely satisfied and consider us worthy of your faith, extend that support to reach us to more audiences because that’s the only way we can change the future, together.

Vision & Values
Vision & Values

Trust & Commitment

We are desperate for it. Yes, you read that right. Trust & Commitment is the sole vision that drives us onwards and upwards each day. When it comes to quality, variety, and partnership, we refuse to have it any other way. Your trust is what we work hard for.

Commitment at the Pashupati Group works two-fold. One is the commitment that we across the various units of the group swear by, towards quality and consistency in our product and serving our customers. Thanks to this purity of dedication that we as the larger managing units of the group manage to commit lifelong trust and commitment.