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The waste management arm under the Pashupati Group, also known as Himalaya Ecoz Pvt. Ltd. enables large-scale plastic packaging widely used across industries to be processed ethically. This larger vision is carried out under a very particular process of picking, segregating, and processing the massive consumer and industrial waste produced massively with every production cycle.


We closely coordinate with waste pickers for the most efficient and effective collection of waste generated across the country. We have planted our sources evenly across India which further brings us bulk plastic waste which is duly received at our waste management plants at predefined intervals.


Once received at the concerned department, each group of waste is carefully inspected manually by our specifically trained staff. This process is carried on the basis of multiple thoughtfully chosen parameters like; food grade and non-food grade waste, bottles, fragrance, size, colour and structure. The consistency of these parameters maintained effectively makes the process all the more efficient.


Once the waste is duly segregated, the plastic bottles are then inserted into baling machines at our concerned collection centers. The bottles are pressed together here that further lead to a compact bundle of these crushed bottles. These huge bales are then loaded onto the vehicles and delivered to our recycling plants that further make use of these for various forms of reuse. These are used to produce products like rPET Flakes, PSF, PET Granules, PP/PE/HDPE Granules etc.

What makes us stand out is our additional ability to chemically recycle the complex post consumer waste. This ensures the processing of not only consumer waste but also industrial waste. With the rapid rate with which both these waste generation sections are increasing, our job becomes even more crucial with every passing day.

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

At Pashupati we are committed to provide very transparent & professional EPR support to our associates. We ensure complete traceability of PCR Waste from collection till its recycling & conversion to a value added product.

The Contribution

This helps us to provide direct assistance to various manufacturing and packaging companies of the country to meet their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations. This further makes us proud contributors to the Circular Economy of these sectors. While working closely with the sourcing teams on ground zero, we try our best to provide upliftment to the rag-pickers involved with us and get them the recognition that they deserve.

With a conscious realization of the importance of waste management in society today, we also aim to take the recycling sector towards greater heights.

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